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What is the difference between a single pane and thermal lens?

            Paintball masks are available with either single pane or thermal lenses. Single pane lenses are made of high strength plastic that is treated with an anti-fog coating on both sides. They are typically found in many lower end and cheaper paintball masks. They are many times cheaper to replace when scratched and are very easy to clean. Thermal lenses are found in most high end masks and are made of high strength plastic with an additional pane located on the inside of the lens. These are very similar to the windows in your home and are the most effective method of preventing the lens from fogging. They are more delicate than single pane lenses, however they are higher quality and will retain their anti-fog properties much longer.


Should I purchase a mask with a thermal or single pane lens?

            If your style of play requires you to wear a mask for long period of time, you live in a humid climate, or you tend to sweat more than the average person, a mask with a thermal lens is strongly recommended. If you live in a dry climate, are looking for a more economical mask, or don’t mind replacing the lens in your mask more frequently, we recommend a mask with a single pane lens.


What is the difference between the various models and brands of masks?

                Aside from the type of lens, the level of coverage and comfort are two factors to consider when purchasing a mask. Various masks from manufacturers such as Dye, Empire, and JT provide slightly less coverage to reduce weight and use softer materials to maximize comfort. Masks from manufacturers such as Vforce, Sly, and Invert provide more coverage around your jawline and ears but result in a slightly heavier mask.