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Looking to uprade your paintball gun barrel? A paintball barrel is one of the first upgrades a player should consider. We have answered a few common questions to help make your decision.

What are the benefits of an aftermarket barrel?

            An aftermarket barrel is simply one of the best upgrades you can purchase for your paintball marker. Many entry and mid level paintball markers come with an 8 to 10 inch barrel. While these will provide you sufficient accuracy and range, upgrading to a longer aftermarket barrel will many times increase your accuracy and consistency over the stock barrel. Many aftermarket barrels are also ported to provide a quieter shot.Remember the most important thing for an acurate barrel is a fresh round paintball and clean barrel!

What length barrel should I purchase?

            Most higher end markers come stock with 14-inch barrels. Many consider 14 inch barrels to be the perfect length for accuracy, quietness, and ease of mobility. A longer barrel will help provide you with a quieter shot; however will result in decreased efficiency, as more air is needed to propel the paintball the full length of the barrel.

What is the difference between one and two piece barrels?

            When purchasing an aftermarket barrel, there are two styles to choose from, one piece and two piece barrels. One piece barrels provide a slight gain in accuracy over two piece barrels as the internal finish does not have a seam. Two piece barrels however provide you with the option to change the front or back portion, allowing you to change length or bore size without having to purchase an entire new barrel. Some of our favorite barrels are the Apex, Freak, All American, Deadlywind Fibur or Null, CP, Trinity, and Dye

What does bore size mean and what size should I purchase?

                Bore size refers to the internal diameter of the barrel. A .695 bore for example is larger than a .679 bore. A larger bore will provide you with the ability to shoot larger paintballs. When choosing bore size, a slightly snug fit is recommended so the paintball does not simply roll out of the barrel. If you are unsure of what bore size to purchase, a .689 is recommended. There are several paintball barrel kits such as the GOG Freak barrel, Macdev Shift, Dye Boomstick, and Deadlywind Fibur which offer all your bore sizes in one kit.

What style of thread does my marker use?

            There are various styles of threads available for each type of barrel. The most common barrel threads are Autococker, Ion/Impulse, A5/X7 Phenom, and Model 98. When purchasing a barrel you must select the type of thread specific to your paintball marker. If you are unsure of the thread your marker requires, please refer to your manual or contact us.