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Empire sYx Paintball Gun - Silver/Gold

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  • Empire sYx Paintball Gun - Silver/Gold


Empire sYx Paintball Gun, new in 2019. The sYx is built off the popular Empire Axe and Mini GS paintball guns. These guns unlike all the other electronic guns use a poppet valve instead of a spool valve which gives it the signature shot and sound. If your looking for affordable performance with all the updates, the sYx is one of our top 5 best selling. 



  • Revised Axe Poppet engine for enhanced performance and durability
  • All new, in-grip Regulator mated to a new ASA
  • Tool-less battery door located in front fore-grip
  • Dual-density, non-slip full-wrap rubber grips
  • Fluid design unbroken by external screws
  • Multi-function Redline OLED board with 2-button navigation
  • Quick, tool-free bolt removal for easy maintenance
  • Accurate, micro-honed 2-piece aluminum barrel with 7.5” control bore
  • Break beam, anti-chop Laser Eyes prevents barrel breaks
  • Low pressure operation that is gentle on fragile paint
  • Standardized O-rings for further simplified maintenance
  • EVA protective and functional marker case
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