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Virtue Paintball Goggles

Virtue Paintball Goggles

Virtue Paintball Goggle - VIO

Versatile Innovaitve Optic - the VIO from Virtue Paintball

After some very tense weeks the VIO has been unvailed and looks to be an awesome piece of paintball equipment.

With thousands of color combinations possible,the VIO paintball mask from Virtue can adapt to any style. Offered in standard 12 standard color ways, each facet of the goggle can be customized to your preferences.

This creates a huge for value for the customer.  Due to its modular design VIO can be changed piece by piece when that new color or pattern catches your eye.
As a bonus if you do manage to wear out a component (or your dog eats it) you can replace that single component.
Virtue backs up its construction with a 1 year warranty on the mask and frame. (manufacture defects not dog damage).

The Hinge Lock™ lens securement system allows quick removal and replacement of the thermal lens. VIO's lenses' are designed with an emphasis on peripheral vision, allowing a broad field of vision and a distortion free view of the field.
The lenses themselves come in some great colors as well, with at least 9 version slated for launch. No matter your preference for color, filter or style the VIO has a lens to fit your preference.

Virtue designed the VIO paintball mask with intense focus on maintaining a small profile and full coverage, riding close to the face but still covering it completely. Using a combination of rigid and pliable plastics along with high density foam ear pieces the
VIO moves with the user to provide an incredibly comfortable experience.

 Huge amounts of airflow molding into the mask means you can play with un-restricted breathing and also deters moisture build up in the goggle frame. This high amount of air flow also means that the VIO will transmit voice better and allow you to be heard clearly on the field without any muffle.